Bytek is partnered to provide the best data protection possible. Choose either complete hard drive destruction or DOD disk wiping.

We can work with … Desktops, laptops, servers and other equipment with hard drives

Bytek uses a White Canyon Software product that provides for a triple over-write pass of each sector with verification on final pass. Per the attached document this method addresses the DoD 5220.22M standard for sanitizing magnetic media.

The triple over-write procedure consists of recording data onto magnetic media by writing a pattern of fluxes or pole changes that represent binary ones (1) and zeros (0). The first pass will write to all addressable hard drive locations with the character zero (0) then with the compliment one (1) and then a random character (either a zero or a one) with verification.

Cisco Router and Switch Equipment

Cisco equipment’s:


  1. boot from register 0X2142
  2. Write erase (verify the deletion of all configuration files)
  3. Reset the router to the factory lt settings.


  1. boot to the initialization screen
  2. Write erase, delete vlan.dat (verify the deletion of all configuration files)
  3. Reset the router to the factory default settings.
  4. Physically destroy any device that will not respond to this process (by shredding the main system board of that device).

Bytek Process for Physical Media Destruction of Data

Hard drive/media shredding offers a solution when the overwriting/sanitizing process cannot be completed or if the customer wants to use a physical destructions means to destroy media data.

  • Equipment Used: 20HP twin-shaft Electro-Shear Shredder
  • Output: Process produces particles from less than 1Ž4” to 2” in diameter. Visit our website for video demonstration.
  • Security: The Shredder is housed in our secured facility. We can provide the pick up and transportation via carrier of your choice.
  • Disposal: All remaining physical pieces will be recycled/disposed of
    in accordance with all applicable local, state and federal laws.