3580-H11 Ultrium 1 Tape Drive

3580-H11 Ultrium 1 Tape Drive | New, Used and Refurbished IBM Servers

Bytek stocks refurbished IBM 3580 Model H11 tape drives. The IBM 3580-H11 offers an ultra/wide SCSI high voltage differential interface.

This model can attach to the IBM AS/400, RS/6000, RS/6000 SP systems, Netfinity, and non-IBM servers, workstations, and personal computers that support Ultra/Wide SCSI HVD and Ultra2/Wide SCSI LVD interface specifications.

Technical specs of the IBM 3580-H11 Ultrium 1 Tape Drive:

Tape capacity up to 100 GB native per cartridge (200 GB with 2:1 compression)
Data transfer rate up to 15 MB per second (uncompressed), up to 30 MB per second with 2:1 compression
Low-Voltage Differential (LVD) Ultra2 SCSI attachment that connects to LVD fast/wide adapters
High-Voltage Differential (HVD) Ultra SCSI attachment that connects to HVD fast/wide adapters
Bytek Price $900

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