IBM iSeries 9406-520 Servers

These servers provide SMBs with an attractive and affordable solution in a scalable
environment. With support for a 1-way POWER5+ offering 3800 CPW, 32 GB of
memory, and 39 TB of internal storage, the IBM 9406-520 server delivers the power to
run multiple business applications. The 9406-520 offers 18 integrated xSeries servers, 6
I/O drawers, 90 PCI expansion card slots, and 36 LAN ports. There are many 9406-520
processor groups to choose from. Contact Bytek today to discuss your configuration

Additional Specifications:

  • 9406-520-0906 with OS V5R3
  • 7736/8330 Processor
  • 4 GB memory
  • 4 x 4327 (70 GB disk drives)
  • 5727 Raid Controller

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