We buy used servers! Get the greatest return on investment by selling your old servers. Whether it is the speed of technology or the growth of your business that is pushing you to upgrade your server, we can help. We understand all aspects of the server business and can help you sell your used servers safely and for a fair price.


Selling used servers can be unsafe if not done through a trusted source. When it comes to technology, your personal or confidential business information can easily be leaked to other users, whether intentionally or not. If you sell your used servers to us, our experts will make sure your information is wiped clean before resale.

Performance and Space

If your business is growing, it may be time for you need to consider upgrading your server to handle more functions, applications, or users. By selling your used servers, you can make room for new devices and upgrade to something better suited for your business.


Any form of technology you use or purchase today usually comes with a hefty price tag. Particularly for businesses, upgrading or replacing old servers can be expensive. Don’t let your old servers go to waste! Sell your used servers for extra money towards your next upgrade.


  • DELL POWEREDGE R920 SERVER - DELL POWEREDGE R920 SERVER with CPU: FOUR E7-4830V2 10-core Processor: 2.2GHZ processors RAM: 512GB RAM Hard Drive: 3 X 1TB SAS Drives Price: $ 11,500.00 [divider]
  • HP ProLIant DL380e G9 - HP ProLIant DL380e G9 with Server Type: HP PROLIANT DL380 GEN9 Processor: (2) INTEL XEON TEN CORE E5-2650v3 2.30GHz Memory: 192GB DDR4 Hard Drive: 12x 3TB 3.5″ SAS Drive Bay: HP SMART ARRAY P840/4GB FBWC CONTROLLER Raid Controller: HP SMART ARRAY P840/4GB FBWC CONTROLLER Graphic: INTEGRATED MATROX G200eH2 VIDEO STANDARD Optical Drive: NO OPTICAL DRIVE […]
  • IBM iSeries , System I , AS/400 - 9407-515 Qty 1 8327 1-core 1.9Ghz Power5+ Processor P/N 42R7380 Qty 1 4474 2gb Memory Kit = Qty Two 1gb sticks P/N 12R8546 Qty 1 2793 2-Line WAN with Modem card Qty 1 2844 Controller card Licensed for V7R1 Base I O/S , license keys included. P05 Software tier 10-User Left and Right rack mount […]
  • SUN/Oracle SPARC T5-2 - SUN/Oracle SPARC T5-2 Server with CPU: 2×16 core 3.6Gh HDD: 256Gb Memory, 2x600Gb Disk Price: $ 39000 [divider]
  • SUN/Oracle Ultra 45 - SUN/Oracle Ultra 45 Workstation with CPU: 2 X 1.6GHz RAM: 2GB RAM HDD: 250GB Disk, DVDrom drive, XVR-100 graphics Price: $ 2350.00 [divider]