Looking for IT parts, Servers or network gear? Look no further, Bytek is here to help!

What We Do

Bytek works with small and large businesses, schools and government agencies, buying everything from single servers to complete data centers, networking hardware and telecom equipment.

We sell professionally refurbished IT and telecom equipmentwith full warranty and maintenance support.


    Bytek provides our customers with immediate support and accountability with over 100 years of combined IT experience.

    We give you a 90-day warranty and price match, so you can feel confident purchasing from us!

    Refurbished hardware purchased from Bytek will be accepted by your OEM or Third party maintenance program.


    Bytek turns your excess IT assets into working capital allowing your business resources to be maximized.

    Free up floor space and reduce costly datacenter fees by moving out excess hardware.

    Selling IT equipment to us substantially reduces your cost of ownership.

    We take the hassle out of selling your IT assets, through a fast painless 10-step process.


    Bytek will ensure your data is destroyed, by utalizing DOD/NIST approved data wiping software or a hard drive shredding process.

    Professional refurbished, full warranty and "guaranteed for maintenance", means that your hardware purchases from Bytek are risk free.

    Our product knowledge and installation support make for a smooth transaction for your upgrades and technology refreshes.