We provide professional quality refurbishment at discount prices, often beating list price by 80%.

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Storage Systems

Bytek will solve your most difficult Storage issues, and will even pay cash to get your old systems off your hands!

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Routers & Switches

Bytek saves you over 80% off list price for refurbished routers and switches, from Cisco, Foundy, Brocade, more.

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IP Phone Systems

Bytek can save you over 80% off list price for refurbished IP phones and systems, from Avaya, Nortel and more.

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New / Refurbished Servers & Networking Hardware | Buy and Sell Used Servers

We sell used servers for all your networking needs.

Looking to sell your used IT and telecom equipment?  Come to Bytek Corporation first.  We pay top dollar for your used servers, storage equipment, and networking equipment.  Maximize the return out of your investments in your IT and telecom equipment by selling your used devices to us.  Consolidate your inventory and reduce clutter around your business.  You will be shocked at how much money your used servers and telecom equipment could be worth.  Contact us or fill out your information on our Asset Recovery page for a quick response.

When it is time to update your servers, networking equipment, or storage equipment for your business, don’t run your budget into the ground.  Invest in refurbished IT and telecom equipment from Bytek Corporation.  Purchasing new IT and telecom equipment is unnecessary in these trying economic times.  We purchase used communications equipment from businesses all over the world and refurbish it to work like new.  The equipment is guaranteed to perform to optimal standards, backed by a 90-day money back guarantee.  If you are delaying updating your IT and telecom equipment due to a limited budget, there is no excuse to hold off any longer.  Hesitating to update your equipment is not an option.  IT and telecom equipment technology are accelerating at an exponential rate.  If your business fails to keep up with the latest technology, you will be left in the dust before you know it.  Invest in refurbished servers, networking equipment, and storage equipment by the leading manufacturers in the industry.  Make a smart investment in your business by purchasing used servers, networking equipment, or storage equipment from Bytek Corporation.

We sell new, used, and refurbished equipment.  Why pay more for full price IT and telecom equipment?  You can buy high quality name brand servers and telecom equipment for your business for low prices.  Our refurbished equipment is backed by a 90 day money back guarantee.  You have nothing to lose.  Contact us today to ask for a hassle free quote on any equipment you may need.

At Bytek Corporation, we excel in our customer service.  We started in 2000 with an innovative idea to buy and sell refurbished telecom equipment for fair prices.

We are a small, tight knit company who follows through with all requests in a timely manner.  We respond to all customer inquiries on a personal level.  You only need to make one call to one of our representatives to get the answers you seek.  Unlike other companies that transfer your request from one person to the next, we tackle all tasks one on one.  We work cohesively and fluidly to make sure our customers are satisfied.

Refurbished Servers & Networking Hardware Ready to Ship

We have refurbished servers, networking hardware, and telecom equipment ready to ship to your business. We offer free quotes on refurbished servers, networking hardware, and telecom equipment. Immediate shipments can be organized for failures and disaster recovery.

Need server or telecom repair? Bytek offers immediate board level repair for most server and telecom equipment. Contact us to learn more.

Buy, Sell, and Lease your Telecom Equipment & Networking Hardware

Bytek has fast become the leading choice for IT professionals who demand quality products, expert service, and time-sensitive delivery. Ask one of our hardware consultants for assistance with your IT or telecom project. Call or click today for a quick quote to buy or sell used and refurbished servers and telecom equipment. We also provide quotes for 3rd party computer server maintenance. We can typically save our customers 25% of their maintenance costs. We have many ways to save you money through rental and long term lease options, and we’ll take the time to listen to your needs.

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