We provide professional quality refurbishment at discount prices, often beating list price by 80%.

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Storage Systems

Bytek will solve your most difficult Storage issues, and will even pay cash to get your old systems off your hands!

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Routers & Switches

Bytek saves you over 80% off list price for refurbished routers and switches, from Cisco, Foundy, Brocade, more.

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IP Phone Systems

Bytek can save you over 80% off list price for refurbished IP phones and systems, from Avaya, Nortel and more.

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New / Refurbished Servers & Networking Hardware | Buy and Sell Used Servers

Bytek Corporation began in 2000 with an innovative idea to buy and sell refurbished servers and other IT and telecom equipment at fair prices. Since then, we have established a reputation for excellent customer service and satisfaction in our industry. We are a small, tight knit company that prides ourselves on following through with every request in a timely manner.

We pay top dollar for used servers, storage, and networking equipment. By selling your used devices, you can not only maximize the return on your investment, but also clear away clutter and use your payback to invest in better technology for your business. You may not know how much money a used server or telecom system can be worth.  Contact us or fill out your information on our Asset Recovery page for a quick response.

Have you been looking for new servers for sale, not realizing that refurbished servers are available at a fraction of the cost along with an excellent warranty? Is it time to replace that old Sanbox switch with a more advancedstackable switch for your business needs? Is your current Avaya 1608 IP phone system just not enough anymore? We have new and old Avaya phones for sale or used Cisco equipment that will match your current system or accommodate your future needs. We understand that advancing your business can be costly, that’s why we haveused servers for sale and other IT equipment that won’t bury your budget. Purchasing brand new IT and telecom equipment is simply unnecessary in these trying economic times. In fact, we purchase used communications equipment from all over the world and refurbish it to like new condition. Technology is so advanced that sometimes these used systems are better than new once we are done with them, because often we are able to install the newest software on an older device while completely refurbishing the hardware.

All equipment we sell is guaranteed to perform to optimal standards, backed by a 90-day money back guarantee. Whether you are looking for a Compaq server or newer HP server models or would like to purchase a refurbished Dell server, you can rest assured that all of our used products go through a rigorous testing process to ensure they are running perfectly. Don’t delay updating your IT and telecom equipment. Technology is accelerating at an exponential rate so it is crucial to stay in line with current devices, otherwise you risk being left in the dust. When it comes to refurbished servers, networking equipment, and storage devices, Bytek Corporation is a leader in the industry.

We are here for you through every step ensuring every customer is satisfied to the fullest extent. Contact us today for a hassle free quote.

Refurbished Servers & Networking Hardware Ready to Ship

We have refurbished servers, networking hardware, and telecom equipment ready to ship to your business. We offer free quotes on refurbished servers, networking hardware, and telecom equipment. Immediate shipments can be organized for failures and disaster recovery.

Need server or telecom repair? Bytek offers immediate board level repair for most server and telecom equipment. Contact us to learn more.

Buy, Sell, and Lease your Telecom Equipment & Networking Hardware

Bytek has fast become the leading choice for IT professionals who demand quality products, expert service, and time-sensitive delivery. Ask one of our hardware consultants for assistance with your IT or telecom project. Call or click today for a quick quote to buy or sell used and refurbished servers and telecom equipment. We also provide quotes for 3rd party computer server maintenance. We can typically save our customers 25% of their maintenance costs. We have many ways to save you money through rental and long term lease options, and we’ll take the time to listen to your needs.

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